Factories Experimenting with Cattle Prods to Motivate Underperforming Workers

Several manufacturing plants in the United States have introduced a new tool aimed at increasing worker productivity. Employees will receive a “humane” electric shock at their workstations when their actions per minute drop below a standardized factory minimum.

Factory owners are in perpetual search of methods of increasing worker productivity, though older practices such as locking fire doors have fallen out of practice. The use of cattle prods is part of a new generation of innovation, one that complies with the “restrictive” workplace safety standards that hamstring production in many countries.


Private Prison Erects ‘The Freer the Market, the Freer the People’ Billboard Using Inmate Labor

The issue of private prisons has made its way onto party platforms leading up to the next round of gubernatorial and congressional elections. With their survival in question, some private prisons have taken to actively lobbying and campaigning to remain in the industry.

One prison used its excess funds to publicly advertise the benefits of privatization in industry. The billboard in question overlooks a busy interstate and depicts a smiling family. One prisoner who was interviewed indicated that each laborer was paid a wage of $0.16 per hour while working on the project. Photo Credit: Bob Jagendorf.