Thousands Injured, Millions of Dollars of Property Damage After New Smartphone App Falsely Promises to Turn Car into Autopilot


The new app, Yolo Autopilot, priced at $0.99, claimed to use its innovative “Car-Speak” technology to override the manual controls of any motor vehicle without an explicit pairing process. The app’s instructions told users to start driving on their own while having a friend input the address of their destination. The app would ding once the necessary “calculations” were made and the driver would be able to go hands and feet free as they let the app drive them to their desired location, despite not having any way to view the road.

As it turns out, “Car-Speak” technology does not exist and the app would ding once it detected the user was driving above 35 mph. This ensured an accident would occur, but typically at a non-lethal speed. The app made over $17,000 before being pulled from all app stores.