New Electric Car Brand, Edison, Appears to be Selling Old Teslas

Tesla Model S P70

The above image, a 2016 Tesla Model S, is also being sold by the new electric car company, Edison, as the 2017 Edison Model R. Tesla founder Elon Musk released the specifications of his electric cars years ago in an attempt to help save the environment, but never intended for a competitor to copy them this blatantly. The CEO of Edison, Ulon Mesk, has said he has nothing but respect for Mr. Musk, and he is only trying to improve upon his initial design. It is unclear if there is a single difference between the two cars. It should also be noted that Mr. Mesk appears to be Mr. Musk, but wearing a novelty mustache. A reporter was unable to get close enough to attempt to take it off.


Gay Parents Upset Adopted Son is Choosing to be Straight


It’s a tragedy. Oklahoma residents Terry and Bill are absolutely devastated by their son, Jimmy, and his choice to be straight.  “At first we thought it was just a phase,” moaned Terry, “we though, okay Jimmy, you’ll get over this and become properly gay. You’ll come home with an incredibly handsome husband one day. But instead, now he’s 25 and engaged to a woman!” This sort of betrayal is almost unheard of. If only Terry and Bill had thought to send their son to a conversion camp when they still had legal authority over him.